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A criminal record can make it harder for you get certain jobs, apply for credit, or even get an apartment. From fist fights to theft to any criminal charges, if you find yourself heading into court, you are going to want to have an experienced lawyer on your side. We offer confident criminal defense to all criminal charges, whether misdemeanors or felonies.

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DUI Convictions Can Have Serious Consequences

  • Fines

  • Loss of license

  • Impoundment of vehicle

  • Steep hike in insurance

  • Loss of insurance

  • Disqualification for some jobs

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Protecting Your Independence After A DUI

Avoid a Criminal Record At All Costs

  • DUI, DWI, OUI, OWI offenses

  • No license / invalid license / suspended license

  • Misdemeanors

  • Major and Minor Felonies

  • Probable cause hearings

  • Criminal trials

  • Battery offenses

  • Record expungement


Maybe you shouldn’t have had that last drink, but when you saw those red and blue lights flare up, you knew what was coming. The most important thing to do when you are pulled over for a DUI is to remember your rights and call Arthur Bass Attorney of Cleveland, TN as soon as possible. We can provide you DUI defense and representation.